Hope Empire International Young Entrepreneurs Academy (HEIYE)

We have Launched a life-changing youth entrepreneurship program.  We are giving  back to the community to inspire young minds! Are you a high school or middle school student interested in learning how to become an entrepreneur and actually start and run your own, REAL, business or social movement?  Then HEIYE is for you!

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What We Offer

Our Focus is to Educate, Empower and Inspire our young children to take control of their future. 


After-School Programs


After-School Education


Summer Camps


College Access


Youth Leadership Building


Youth Employment


Career Development



Hope Empire After School Program

  • Provides a safe place for after-school hours and provides opportunities for social contacts and a range of recreation and enrichment opportunities for our youth and children.
  • Provides academic supports, helping with homework, exploring new ways to learn and enhanced motivation for learning, and tutoring.
  • Provides enrichment activities, not limited to computer training, sports, science, arts, and student directed projects.
  • Provides positive interactions with mentors, professions, counsellors who can engender planning for career and future opportunities.
  • Provides opportunities to improve in academic areas with alternative strategies and more individualized supports
  • Provides enrichment opportunities for families who might not be able to afford them
  •  Provides safe and supervised recreation and enrichment opportunities to reduce juvenile crime and victimization of unsupervised children and youth
  • To engage in activities that would foster educational and cultural values within our community.

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The donation YOU decide to make will help a child take their next step towards a life worth living.

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